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When you hire us for your new home inspection, you are getting an unbiased report of the condition of the home. We will identify any construction or code-related concerns with the home - just because it is new construction, doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Call us today to schedule your inspection.

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Why Do I Need a New Home Inspection?

Mistakes happen. We are all human and therefore capable of messing up every once in a while - even builders.

To prove to you that you do in fact need a new home inspection, we’ve covered three new construction myths:

My builder is excellent. Your builder most likely is fantastic, but the reality is that he is not actually doing the work. Most builders subcontract out the work and then those subcontractors, subcontract out the work. Sometimes a builder may hire a general contractor, and then they subcontract out all of the work. In the end, you may have no clue who built the home. If the work is subcontracted out to the cheapest bidder, the chance of sloppy work and costly mistakes increases.

The county inspector conducted an inspection on my new home. On average, a county building inspector sees dozens of homes a day and only has a few minutes to spend at each property. Our new home inspections take two to three hours. It is just not possible to get a complete health report of the home in a few minutes.

But I have a warranty from the builder, so any defects are covered. More than likely, your warranty is divided into different terms for labor, materials, mechanical defects, and structural defects, with the most helpful terms of the warranty expiring the earliest. Many defects might not rear their ugly heads for a few years at which point your warranty is useless. Every new home needs at least a full year to see how it stands up to weather and daily use. Warranties also contain exclusions to protect the builder, and unfortunately, those can be used to take advantage of buyers. It is always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

We aren’t telling you all of this to attack the quality of work the builder or any subcontractors perform, but simply to educate you on why a new home inspection is just as important on a home that is twenty or thirty years old. If you have questions about our new home inspection services or would like to get a free estimate, don’t hesitate to call!

Most Common Defects in a New Home

Some of the most frequent defects we come across when we do new home inspections include:

  • Ventilation issues
  • Window and facade leaks
  • Firewall deficiencies
  • Problems with flooring, especially wood
  • Missing GFCI outlets
  • Hot and cold water reversed on sinks, bathtubs, and showers
  • Stucco issues
  • Reversed polarity
  • Central AC system defects
  • Poor drainage

New Construction Inspection St PetersburgChoosing to skip a new home inspection just to save a small amount of money, could end up costing you far more in the future when the defects show themselves. Let us give you a thorough new home inspection and a detailed report - a small price to pay for peace of mind. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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*Reports will usually be delivered within a few hours of the inspection. However, the report is guaranteed within 24 hours excluding extenuating circumstances. In the event of such delays the purchaser will receive notice as soon as reasonably possible